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Dr. Ashok

  • Family Physician and Consultant Diabetologist
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About “Dr. Ashok”

Dr. Ashok Vanagamudi is a Physician and Consultant Diabetologist in Calicut, Kerala, with 11 years experience. He offers online consultation services in addition to face-to-face consultations, and is an expert in proactive healthcare involving diet and fitness techniques for overall well-being. Specialising in diabetology, Dr. Ashok focuses on monitoring and control of diabetes, and timely identification and treatment of related complications arising from diabetes.
Some of the organs commonly affected due to prolonged diabetes are eyes (retinal vessels may be affected causing retinopathy), heart (cardiovascular system), kidneys (blood vessels to kidney may be affected causing nephropathy) and nerves (uncontrolled sugar levels can damage nerves of hands and legs resulting in neuropathy). Dr. Ashok provides specialised guidance and treatment for prevention and control of such diabetes-related ailments.

Offered Services

General Medicine 1 Service(s)
General Consultation


  • Physician and Consultant Diabetologist Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut


  • MBBS Madurai Medical College
  • MD Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College, Puducherry
  • DIPLOMA IN FAMILY MEDICINE Vinayaga Missions University, Salem
  • PG DIPLOMA IN DIABETOLOGY Royal College Of General Practitioners, UK


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