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Dr. Nitheesh

  • Orthopaedic Doctor
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About “Dr. Nitheesh”

Dr. M B Nitheesh has 12+ years of experience in orthopaedics, out of which he has served 10+ years as an Orthopaedic Surgeon with Subspecialty Training in Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement and Traumatology. Within orthopaedics, his primary focus involves arthroscopy – a type of keyhole procedure, which is minimally invasive and thus less traumatic than the conventional open surgeries, to diagnose and treat conditions related to bone joints.

As Consultant Orthopaedic in Cochin, Dr. Nitheesh’s services include Arthritis and Pain Management, Knee Arthroplasty, Hip Arthroplasty, Ligament and Tendon Repair and Plantar Fasciitis. He has been awarded MNAMS, Fellowship in Joint Reconstructive Surgery.



  • MBBS Govt. Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala


Awards and Recognitions

  • MNAMS, Fellowship in Joint Reconstructive Surgery

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