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Healthcare for the Masses

Healthcare for the Masses

  • January 18, 2020

Healthcare Infrastructure in India is bursting at its seams due to demand pressures

The Indian population dynamics is changing and the average age of India is now 28 years. This is very positive scenario for a country as the working population outnumber the dependent population. The average life expectancy of the population is also steadily increasing and had reached 68.5 in 2016. As Indians age and live a longer life, an increasing number are having multiple chronic conditions.

In a vast country like India, governments have limitations to fulfill all the public medical needs.

Elder Care at Home is an essential in the current population dynamics

Functional impairments such as mobility, and chronic issues such as diabetes or dementia are curtailing the capacity of Senior Citizens to manage their own household. This is the time where the concept of Home Health Care becomes of utmost importance so that these senior citizens live their life with dignity in a manner that meets their expectations, preferences and care needs.

We require more focus on home health care and a need for more service providers. Home Health Care includes a whole lot of services that can be provided at home spanning from home based primary care, hospital at home, nursing care and so on. Accessibility of healthcare at the rural areas of the country is also a very critical ongoing issue. Technology solutions can redress this gap

Technology can be the game changer for Total Healthcare

In a vast country like India, governments have limitations to fulfill all the public medical needs. What is required is a shift towards community and home based care, rather than building huge hospitals. This is considering the vastness of the country and its population. The need for technological incorporation is also of prime importance. With technology we can bridge the gaps in healthcare delivery, mainly in the rural sector.

We also need to have a well-defined policies to accommodate newer technologies for the advancement of healthcare and its delivery. Changing the site of care to communities and homes will help reduce huge spending on infrastructure development. This saving can in turn be utilized to make health accessible to more people and at an affordable rate.

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